Life in kuwait

Living in Kuwait is an adventure. Whether you are single or with your family, you can maintain a very good work life balance. Kuwait is a friendly, pleasant and easy place to live in. The cost of living is similar to any other developed country and how far one’s money goes really depends on one’s choice of lifestyle.

English is spoken by the majority of people in Kuwait. Nearly all shops, road-signs, advertising billboards and even the currency employ English script as well as Arabic. Kuwait is proud to have the strongest currency in the world.

There are many attractions in Kuwait. These range from a number of excellent museums, a sea front ornamented with combed beaches and extravagant restaurants, modern shopping complexes and marinas, long and lazy retreats, and new beach resorts.

Kuwait has many private hospitals. All overseas staff receives comprehensive medical coverage. The majority of the population of the country is below the age of 40 and they are open to meeting expats.

There is a wide variety of expat clubs, such as the AWL (American Women’s League), BLS (British Ladies Society) and OLEK (Organization Latina En Kuwait). These organizations have gatherings and are deeply involved with schools and charitable programs.

Kuwait City is a hub of cinema halls and theaters and it is one of the best ways to spend an evening with friends and family. Taxis are the most distinct, practical and convenient type of transportation in Kuwait, as they are easily located in several residential areas, and public places in all of the cities in Kuwait.

Kuwait's climate is one of extremes. Maximum temperatures in the summer can rise above 50 degrees centigrade, but can drop to below 0 degrees in the desert in the winter. Summer is deemed to run from May to October and sees not only extremely hot weather. It’s usually very pleasant during November to April. Annual rainfall is about 5 inches. In general the coastal area is marginally cooler and more pleasant. Humidity is usually low.