Arabic department


Future Bilingual School.

Department of Arabic Studies.

Allah the Almighty said: "Read in the name of your Lord who created (1) the creation of man who hung (2) Read and your Lord is the most generous (3) who taught the pen (4) taught man unless he knows ..."

The Department of Arabic Studies at the Future Bilingual School sponsors our students at the primary and the end of the secondary level, accompanied by kindness and care and all the attention .....

We educate our students to have a spirit of cooperation and discipline, which encourages them to use their full potential, and provides them with equal education opportunities, through various enrichment activities, so that they ensure their development and progress in all aspects ...

Our goal is to encourage all our students to participate positively, because we believe that the spirit of cooperation and participation among them, teachers, school administrators and parents will make each of them a prominent role locally and globally.

To this end, we seek to nurture our students from the local community and provide them with scientific and cultural awareness in an active, healthy and safe environment, which encourages them to be responsible and independent, and to continue learning and research for life.

 We will continue to develop the capabilities of our students to become good citizens, active in Kuwait and the world, God willing.

and thank Allah the god of everything .

Mr. Ayman Hassan

HOD - Arabic Department