Welcome To Future Bilingual School

The moment the students are first welcomed to Future Bilingual School, they are encouraged to realize their capabilities. We regard each student as a trust to be treated with the utmost respect by faculty, staff and students alike. This respect establishes a strong foundation within each student’s journey designed to help provide the knowledge, skills and self-assurance they will require to meet the goals of the educational program.

Our School

Our school community will share their joys and successes in their learning environment with each other and their community at large.

Experienced and caring staff, engaging in hands-on curriculum, and personalized approaches to learning will all contribute to the ultimate successes of our students.

FBS staff are committed to promoting self-confidence in every child by respecting their individuality and providing a safe and loving family environment in which children reach their potential as learners.

Our program is based on the firm belief that subject area skills and concepts acquired in one language can be transferred when a child acquires a second language. We provide instruction in the core areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. It is enhanced by courses in Computer, Art, Physical Education and Library, combined with Arabic, Islamic Studies and Arabic Social Studies curriculum required by the Kuwait Ministry of Education.

Boys School


At Future Bilingual School, we educate students in a caring, organized and disciplined manner, encouraging our students to reach their full potential. Every child will have an equal opportunity to learn.



At Future Bilingual School, we strive to educate and promote a cultural awareness for our predominately regional students in a safe, nurturing, and active environment where students are encouraged to become responsible, independent, life-long learners. We will develop students’ capacity to become productive and ethical citizens in Kuwait and within the world community.