Policies and procedures

1. Re-Registration


All outstanding fees from the previous year must be paid before placing a deposit for the new academic year. Parents collect a queuing number from the Administration Staff.

Step 1:

          Parent completes the paperwork with the Registrar (including buses), and signs the financial Policy Form by father .

Step 2:

          Parent pays re-registration fee of KD100 to the Accountant, plus the first installment.

Step 3:

          The Registrar prints out the “Registration and Student Information Form”. This form is signed by the Registrar, Accountant and the father, and is kept on the student’s file.

Step 4:

          Uniform Shop – Uniform is selected after Registration is completed.

Step 5:

          At the end of each day the Registrar checks all daily entries on the system and adds students to class lists (as per directions from the Principal).


2. New Registration


The Registrar completes the appointment sheet for the Interview or Entrance Test once verification of the parent identification has been completed.

Students are interviewed or scheduled to sit for the MAP Entrance Exam , administered by the Designated and trained MAP Testing Committee member, and signed-off as accepted or not, by the Principal.

The School Principal reviews the report card and behavior report and signs the form to approve the student file for testing and to set appointment according to teacher availability (Pre-K to Grade 5), or MAP Test Schedule (Grade 6 to Grade 12).

A fee of 20 KD for students applying to KG1 or above is paid before having the interview, or sitting the MAP Entrance Exam.

The teacher conducting the interview will assess the test and submit it, as well as the form signed by her, to the Principal, indicating clearly the result and whether the child is accepted or not. For the MAP Test, the proctoring teacher will print the results, analyze the data, and make the necessary recommendation to the Principal.

The Registrar contacts the parents and informs them of the results, as well as to complete the student’s file by paying the down-payment, should the student be accepted.

The Parent pays registration fee of KD100 to the Accountant, and in case of unwillingness to complete registeration , the amount paid for registeration in no refund .

Registeration procedures are through the father ONLY

N.B. No student will be admitted to testing without the necessary documents, nor the signatures of approval

The following documents are to be submitted for Registration:

  • Ministry of Health File
  • Copy of student’s Civil ID
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate + immunization record
  • Copy of student’s Passport
  • Copy of father’s Civil ID
  • Copy of father’s passport
  • Copy of the mother’s Civil ID
  • Five (5) blue background passport size photos of the student
  • Copy of previous report cards from previous school/s
  • Behavior report from current school
  • Transfer certificate and the student’s file from previous school
  • Financial clearnace from previous school