Future Bilingual School Special Needs Department

All students with learning challenges deserve their education. FBSSN makes sure they are given the required education designed to meet their unique needs and requirements. Our school is specifically designed, staffed and resourced to provide appropriate special education for our special children. After individual assessment, our staffs learn about our children, recognizing their capabilities and try to help them overcome their weaknesses. FBSSN's first and foremost priority is for our children therefore all safety measures and individual professional educational plans are made.

About Us​

Future Bilingual School for Special Needs is designed to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with an environment that allows them to be educated effectively.
Through focused assessment and creation of individualized educational plan’s IEP, the school prepares students to successfully navigate social situations and future academic endeavors. Trained teachers and clinical specialists work with each student to set academic and behavioral goals, and the school provides a good range of specialized therapists (Please go through our Facilities section) targeting on the overall development of the child in every manner making him/her emerge as successful and independent individuals.

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At Future Bilingual School, we educate students in a caring, organized and disciplined manner, encouraging our students to reach their full potential. Every child will have an equal opportunity to learn. While respecting the importance of their Islamic and Kuwaiti culture, we aim to empower and prepare our students with the skills needed to contribute to, and be successful in, a global society. This is achieved through both class and school enrichment activities. We shall demonstrate that overall development of each student in essential. Our curriculum aims to encourage all students to participate. We believe that a partnership between students, teachers, administration, and parents will enable all individuals to become valued members of the school community, and global society.


At Future Bilingual School, we strive to educate and promote a cultural awareness for our predominately regional students in a safe, nurturing, and active environment; where students are encouraged to become responsible, independent, life-long learners. We will develop students’ capacity to become productive and ethical citizens in Kuwait and within the world community