Sports Activities

FBSG is a member of Bilingual Schools Sports Federation of Kuwait (BSSFK) and our girls are constantly taking part in many friendly competitions against all other schools from around Kuwait.

Students from Elementary, Middle and High School participate in Physical education in school including soccer, volleyball and basketball.

Each year students celebrate Sports Day which is a great promotion of team work and healthy living.

Extra Curricular (After School) Clubs

After School Clubs are designed to provide opportunities for students to engage in extra academic or creative pursuits. Our teachers offer a variety of academic, sport, crafts and games clubs throughout the year. This year we are offering English Reading, Arabic Reading, Math, Drawing and Painting, Student Reading, Quran Recitation, Science, Computer, Basketball, Volleyball, Cooking Classes Zumba and Gymnastics.

Arabic Ceremonies and Shows

The Arabic Department will have several events this year where students will receive the opportunity to showcase their talents to teachers and parents. These shows are Eid Al Adha and Hajj, Al Hijra, Kuwait National and Liberation Day Celebration. They also lead the school assembly several times a week.

International Day

Every year FBSG students participate in our annual International Day. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn about different countries, cultures and traditions from around the world. We celebrate diversity and encourage our students to go beyond boarders to expand their international horizons.

Entrepreneur’s Day

Entrepreneur’s Day is an opportunity for our students to showcase their entrepreneur’s skills and participate in environments involving trade. Students are encouraged to give funding and advice, and spread the word on how to achieve success in business.

Our campus holds a trade fare where they sell their wares and showcase their entrepreneurial skills.

English Week

The use of English Language is very important among school children. Therefore it must not only be used in the classroom or when pupils are in school. It has to be practiced in their daily conversation regardless of place and time. A consistent use of English Language will ensure pupils at their tender age instill the essential skills needed. Reading, speaking, listening, writing and grammar in English Language are five important skills pupils should master.

We promote various children’s literature during this week and students participate in various stimulating activities that engage with these texts. We have Book Fairs and Spelling Bee competitions and Poetry Slams.

Health Week

Health Week is an annual observance created to celebrate school health and wellness . This special week shines a spotlight on the great efforts our teachers are doing to improve the health and wellness of their students and the link between nutrition, physical activity and learning – because healthy kids learn better!

Students are taught the importance of eating well, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We hold healthy breakfasts, morning aerobics and host a healthy foods taste test with fruits, vegetables, whole grains & low-fat dairy products.

International Womens Day

We take pride in the fact that our school is raising empowered women who will be our future mothers, teachers and leaders. We use this day as an opportunity to celebrate women all around the world. Our teachers introduce students to strong female role models via literature and media.

As purple is the official color of International Women’s Day, we hold a Pink & Purple Free Dress day for the students. This color is meant to symbolize both dignity and justice.

Graduation Ceremonies

Our Kindergarten 2 and Grade 12 students are honored at the end of every year at separate gala ceremonies as they graduate from their respective levels.

The Kindergarten 2 Graduation Ceremony is held in school, while our Grade 12 Students’ ceremony is held off-site in the evening. At these Gala Events, our graduating students receive their Academic Awards, Graduating Diplomas, and an advisory message to stand them in good stead for the next chapter of their academic careers.

Award Ceremonies

During the months of May, the Kindergarten and Elementary Departments put on dynamic and well-rehearsed productions, with each grade level having the unique opportunity to showcase their talents during separate grade level performances.

Parents are invited and encouraged to attend, as each production is concluded with the relevant grade level’s award ceremony, where certificates and awards are presented to the students.