Work timing

All Staff are required to be at school by 7:00am Sunday through Thursday, and to sign-in by 7:10am latest.

Staff Briefings are held at 7:00am on Sundays following a holiday, in which case all staff need to arrive by 6:55am at the latest, to be seated by 7:00am.

Teachers are also required to conduct an eight-week extra-curricular activity (once per week) in either the first, or the second semester, for an hour at a time, in addition to the Thursday meeting/PD/workshops (1:30pm to 2:30pm).

Staff serving on a formal School Committee are exempt from the ECA’s.

Teachers may be asked to return to school in the evenings or on Saturdays for special events such as Parent Information Evenings, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Graduations, Awards Ceremonies, or Parent-Teacher Association meetings. These are however very infrequent.