It is exciting to be a part of an ever-developing institution that endeavors to take care of the academic, social and cultural development and well-being of our children.

I am honored to be associated with Future Bilingual School (Boys’ Campus), and, together with our Faculty members, look forward to being an integral part of your child’s educational, social and emotional development.

Our dedicated team of professional, well-qualified and committed educators is continually striving to inspire our students to become productive, caring, responsible, and risk-taking world citizens. This we aspire to achieve by offering a curriculum that is challenging, yet achievable; by offering a diverse extra-curricular program to accommodate all interests; as well as to incorporate the latest educational technologies to enable your son to be a confident, able and competitive digital citizen in a rapidly-changing 21st century society, where integrity, problem-solving skills, and responsible behavior will be the key to success.

We foster a strong belief that every child is unique, with an individual learning style, ability, and need. It is therefore our duty to identify this individuality, and to apply the latest teaching methodologies towards extracting the best in each of our students, thereby ensuring that no child is left behind.

At Future Bilingual School we advocate parent involvement and we strongly urge our parents to become more directly involved in all the activities and events the School has on offer. A child’s schooling can only be so more effective if they know they have the support, commitment and guidance of their parents and teachers alike. It is up to us, the educators, as well as our parents, to leave behind a legacy for every child that is under our care.

In addition, we strive towards a smooth transition from Kindergarten, through Elementary School to Middle School, in finally preparing our students for their High School years and beyond, where our goal is simple:

To deliver a well-balanced, holistic education by:              

Being firm, yet fair,
Being demanding, yet encouraging and
Having fun, yet being productive.

We thank you for trusting us with the ever-so-important educational development of your child(ren), and welcome you to the FBS family!

“A teacher effects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

Henry Adams


Mr. Marius Visser


(B.Prim.Ed), (M.Sc.MS)

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